My name is Shanon Williams, and I am the Where Did the Gun Come From? Campaign Coordinator for CeaseFirePA. I am an advocate for gun violence prevention, but yesterday my family became victims of gun violence because my younger brother was at Brashear High School during the shooting.

My younger brother found himself anxiously fleeing back into his school, hoping to find shelter away from stray bullets whizzing by.  Just minutes after gloating, on the phone, to our mother about the honor status he’s earned this grading period.  Thank God he knew what to do – in these scenarios, one can only hope that the child knows what to do.  I cannot help but feel relief, sorrow and confusion.  I feel for the wounded and their families, knowing that our family was just a hair away from being in the exact same predicament.

As a CeaseFirePA supporter and employee, there was something sobering about friends, family, and colleagues coming to my aid during an incident of gun violence.  It never dawned on me that one day I may not be the one offering comfort and strength but rather the one being comforted.  Today, we were made victims.

If there was anything gained from such an inexplicable event, is that what we do at CeaseFirePA is more than just a good thing – more than just a logical thing.  It is a necessary thing. It is the right thing.

–Shanon Williams, Campaign Coordinator
Where Did The Gun Come From?