CeaseFirePA Applauds Superior Court Decision on Concealed Carry Law

Philadelphia, October 24, 2013 – CeaseFirePA today applauded the decision of the Pennsylvania Superior Court to make absolutely clear that Pennsylvania law and local Pennsylvania law enforcement officials will determine who in Pennsylvania may carry a concealed firearm.  In its decision earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Superior Court held: “There is nothing optional with respect to whether a Pennsylvania license is required for a Pennsylvania resident who wants to carry a concealed weapon in Pennsylvania.” Commonwealth v. McKown, 2013 PA Super. 282.  To make matters even more clear, the Superior Court further explained, “nowhere does the [Uniform Firearms Act] provide that a Pennsylvania resident may substitute a foreign state’s license.”

The Superior Court added even more force to Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s actions earlier this year to close the Florida loophole, which had enabled Pennsylvania residents who could not obtain a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit to obtain one from Florida and other states and use it to carry concealed in Pennsylvania.  For years, CeaseFirePA had urged the state legislature and successive attorneys general to close this loophole which provided a means for gun owners to circumvent Pennsylvania’s concealed carry requirements even when local law enforcement had determined that they should not be permitted to carry concealed firearms.

Shira Goodman, Executive Director of CeaseFirePA, explained, “We strongly believe that local law enforcement can make the best determinations about who in their community should be granted concealed carry permits.  The loophole that enabled people to bypass this process by getting licenses from other states – sometimes through an on-line procedure – made us less safe.” In 2010, Marqus Hill shot teenager Irving Santana thirteen times. Hill was carrying a gun using a Florida concealed carry permit, which he obtained after having had his Pennsylvania permit revoked.

CeaseFirePA was proud to stand with Attorney General Kane when she took action to close the Florida loophole, and we are proud that the Pennsylvania Superior Court has made such a strong statement about the law governing concealed carry in Pennsylvania.

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