A Plan For A Safer Pennsylvania

A Plan For A Safer Pennsylvania

Over 1,600 people die from guns every year in Pennsylvania. The human cost of gun violence is staggering. Lives are cut short, survivors grieve, and families are devastated. Although every community experiences gun violence differently, no community is immune. 

There are many causes of this epidemic. Deadly firearms are readily available for too many individuals at extreme risk of harming themselves or others. Gun violence is propped up and perpetuated by unjust systems of discrimination and inequality. And fundamental problems in our democracy have stacked the deck against the young people and in favor of big-money gun lobbyists.

We need to push back against inaction and fight for evidence-based solutions.  In August of 2019, March For Our Lives introduced A Peace Plan For A Safer America. But we know that such a multifaceted and comprehensive plan requires a similar approach that incorporates gains we can make at the state level, in order to cut gun deaths in Pennsylvania in half by 2030. That’s why we’re asking our lawmakers in Harrisburg to support our Peace Plan, written by Pennsylvania students for the well-being of our state.  Eliminating gun violence in Pennsylvania requires three core areas of action: ensuring safe gun ownership, addressing systemic causes, and fixing democracy. We’ve explained 27 crucial policies that legislators must pursue in order to achieve these goals.


Ensuring Safe Gun Ownership

Universal Background Checks

Disarm Hate

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

Safe Storage Requirements

Lost and Stolen Gun Reporting 

Repeal Stand Your Ground

Minimum Purchase Age

Require Training For First-Time Buyers

Ban Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines

Waiting Periods

Municipal Rights

Licensing and Registration for Firearms

Prevent Interstate Trafficking

Firearm Buyback Programs

Accountability For Firearm and Ammunition Manufacturers


Addressing Systemic Causes

More Guidance Counselors

Support Mental Health Programs

Fund Violence Intervention Programs

Establish Bias Training for State and Local Law Enforcement

Set New Standards For Police Intervention & Exclusionary Disciplines in Schools

Create a Civilian Oversight of the Department of Corrections

Research Gun Violence As A Public Health Epidemic


Fixing Democracy

Civic Education

Voter Pre-Registration at 16

Automatic Voter Registration

Early In-Person Voting

Election Day Holiday


March For Our Lives will be rolling out a full description of each policy in the coming weeks!