PHILADELPHIA – In 1999, YVRP was launched as a collaborative effort involving law enforcement, city agencies and nonprofits. These organizations are working together to reduce youth homicide and other violent crime in Philadelphia’s most lawless areas; the initiative provides support and supervision to youth deemed most likely to kill or be killed. P/PV has undertaken several studies of the YVRP model: an implementation study, a study of street workers, and a formal impact study with a comparison group composed of similar youth from high-risk Philadelphia police districts that are not currently implementing YVRP.

From the organizer: “The reduction of gun violence especially within high crime low income neighborhoods is currently an extreme matter of concern with regards to a variety of quality of life crimes that escalate heavily when alcohol, illegal drugs and firearms are mixed in a deadly combination that creates urban terrorism and fear on our streets. In addition, adding to the fire are unemployment, behavior health concerns, reduced social services and straw firearm purchases in making guns available to those prohibited by law. If you add all this up, it becomes similar to pouring a bucket of blood into shark infested waters before jumping into the water for a swim.”