STATEWIDE – We are striving to build a powerful constituency of voters to advocate for stricter, more meaningful, common sense gun laws in Pennsylvania and their enforcement through petition, legislative advocacy and the ballot box. Violent crime involving illegal handguns in Pennsylvania has risen substantially in recent years. The number of children and teenagers involved in gun violence, both as victims and shooters, continues to grow while Pennsylvania’s gun legislation remains weak and ineffective. While polls show public support of revisions to current laws to decrease illegal handguns, nothing has changed.

From the organizers: “In PA, gun violence is responsible for the deaths of 1,300 people each year and ranks high in the nation for handgun homicides involving children. At this point, it’s become a public health hazard. We live in a state where too many children have died from gun violence. It’s that simple. Pennsylvania’s high rate of gun violence is a national disgrace. Each time a child pulls the trigger and kills another child, two families are destroyed. I think Pennsylvanians are ready to stop this travesty.”

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