…But as soon as this afternoon, the PA House might move a bill about sharing PA’s mental health records with the National Background Check System. We support this bill, HB 1243. And, earlier this year, Rep. Santarsiero attached an amendment to that bill — an amendment that would expand the PA background check system to cover the private sale of long guns.


HB 2011 is also rearing it’s head again. This bill would punish towns that take steps to protect their communities from gun violence. This bill would allow any gun owner or organization of gun owners to sue a town for money damages even if the town’s ordinance had not been enforced


During the final days of budget dealings, you never know what they’re going to do in Harrisburg. But if there’s even a chance that the background check amendment could get a vote, we need to make our voices heard.

Please call or email your Rep. today with this simple message: Make PA safer by expanding the background check system. Vote yes on 1243 with the Santarsiero Amendment and vote no on HB 2011.