Just two weeks after the Commonwealth Court struck down Act 192 as unconstitutional, the gun lobby’s allies in Harrisburg are trying to revive the law. Rep. Mark Keller is introducing a new special standing bill that will allow groups like the NRA to sue PA towns and cities.

You know how we beat them the first time:  your hard work — your calls, emails, visits, letters to the editor — forced the gun lobby and its allies to pass an unconstitutional bill. And now they’re upset that they lost in court. So, they’re going to try to pass a bill the right way.  

But, we’re ready and able to stop them.

So, before they really get started, can you let your representative know we’ve had enough of this gift-wrapped favor for the gun lobby? Tell him or her that this was a bad idea to start with, and it hasn’t gotten any better.

We know that there will be more mayors, town council members and neighbors in Pennsylvania standing firm against this effort to bully our towns and cities.
Thank you for standing with us.