Here’s the next step in the greedy gun lobby’s quest for guns for anyone, anywhere, any time: mandated concealed carry. If a proposal being considered in DC passes, every state would be required to recognize and honor concealed carry permits from every other state.  This undermines the efforts of individual states to set standards to ensure safety and would create a race to the bottom: states with the weakest requirements and easiest processes for granting concealed carry permits would set the national standard.
PA has worked hard to make sure that Pennsylvanians who want to carry concealed must obtain a license from their county sheriff or police department.  Local authorities set and enforce these standards. Like most states, PA has refused to recognize some out-of-state carry permits because they lack sufficient safeguards and minimum standards.
If this new proposal passes, PA’s efforts to protect public safety will be undermined and PA’s own public safety laws will be overridden. This would force PA to recognize permits even from states that grant permits to felons, teenagers and people who have long criminal histories. We need your voice to ensure that doesn’t happen, our safety depends on it!