Issue Education

Gun violence is a public health crises that plagues our country and our Commonwealth. It takes many forms including homicides, suicides, intimate partner violence, and accidental discharge. Each year the US loses 33,000 people to this crisis, roughly 93 people per day. Gun violence does not discriminate and afflicts individuals of all races and ethnicities and cuts across all socioeconomic levels. It is is a uniquely American problem, and until citizens and legislators act to address this issue it will not be solved.

Gun Violence in General

Learn more about the scope and impact of our gun violence problem along with things you can do to help reduce it.

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Domestic Violence Prevention

Learn more about how firearms worsen domestic violence situations. The mix of guns and intimate partner violence increase the likelihood of lethality. While PA has taken some steps to address this deadly scenario there is far more that needs to be done.

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Guns and Suicide

Learn about how and why suicide is a major part of our gun violence problem. Suicides account for ⅔ of guns deaths in the United States.

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Mass Shootings

This type of gun violence offers the most visible and at times the most heinous form of gun violence. We have seen these shootings unfold before our eyes, define generations, and tragically become a part of American life. Learn about the terrifying statistics about deadly mass shootings, and the policy changes that could help prevent them.

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What We're Fighting For

See the policies we believe can make us safer and that we are fighting for.

What We're Fighting Against

See the policy proposals we believe are dangerous and are opposing.