Lawless Gun Fanatic Zones

In the face of growing support for gun safety reforms across the country, gun rights-extremists are trying to resist by peddling dangerous ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ ordinances and resolutions to localities.

What are “Lawless Gun Fanatic Zones” or “Second Amendment Sanctuaries?”

These resolutions or ordinances declare that they will refuse to enforce gun laws passed by the federal or state government. 

“Second Amendment Sanctuaries” are symbolic measures that have no legal standing. This is a fear-mongering tactic from the gun lobby that flies in the face of the majority of Pennsylvanians who support common-sense gun legislation like expanded background checks, keeping firearms out of the hands of those with active protection from abuse orders, or allowing families to limit the firearms access of a loved one threatening suicide or harm to others.

Law enforcement officers and local officials who refuse to enforce or dedicate tax-funded resources to implement state or federal gun safety laws are jeopardizing public safety.

What Can You Do?

CeaseFirePA stands in total opposition to these meaningless ordinances and needs your help. A handful of localities have already passed these measures but extremists are continuing to target more every day.  If you see something say something. We can fight these dangerous ordinances if we organize and raise our voices. 

Email if you get wind of local officials in your area are trying to pass one of these unfounded measures. CeaseFirePA can help you fight back!