Despite the fact that we’ve had the worst mass shooting in modern American history this year, Congress is still doing the NRA’s bidding and pushing for action that will weaken our gun laws. This week, the House of Representatives is beginning to move Mandatory Concealed Carry Reciprocity (H.R. 38), a proposal that would make it legal for more dangerous and untrained people to carry hidden guns in more public places.  The bill is scheduled to be marked up in the House Judiciary Committee.

This bill is dangerous. If passed, it will force states with strong concealed carry laws to honor permits or licenses from states with weak concealed carry laws, including states that do not even require concealed carry licenses or permits at all. In 11 states, no permit is required to carry a concealed firearm. This bill does not create a national, uniform standard. It makes all states default to the lowest standard that exists.

This bill also would make it impossible for law enforcement officers to quickly and easily verify that people carrying a hidden weapon are doing so legally. Law enforcement agencies across the nation oppose this bill.

There is some good news, the Fix NICS Act (H.R. 2666) introduced by Senators Cornyn and Murphy also will be marked up this week. This bill requires federal agencies to share information with the national background check system and holds the agencies accountable if they do not.

The only PA rep on the Judiciary Committee is Rep. Tom Marino. But we’ll let you know when it’s time to reach out to your Reps.