We did it! Your calls, emails, visits and letters to the editor paid off.  The PA Legislature has adjourned until November and DID NOT reauthorize the special standing/sue our cities bill!

The gun lobby had claimed this was a done deal — they boasted that they would be able to pass this through both houses with veto-proof majorities.  Well, they did pass it in the Senate, with a vote of 30-19, not veto-proof. And the bill never made it to a floor vote or even a floor debate in the House.

This is a big victory, and it proves what we’ve always known — we’ve got to put in the work and make our voices heard!

Thank you.

Halloween is coming up and you’ve seen the horror movies. Zombies always come back for one last scare at the end. We need your help to make sure we can continue to defeat the gun lobby and fight whatever tricks they have left. Can you make a contribution of $25 or $50 today?