It’s our second annual “Whoops We Forgot Wednesday”!

We know you were inundated with emails for Giving Tuesday yesterday, so we figured we wouldn’t add to your cluttered inbox.   

But we could still use your support. We know you are getting a lot of requests right now.  Let me tell you why I think CeaseFirePA is worthy of your consideration:

-The alarming political climate makes our work more important. With gun extremists being elevated to power,CeaseFirePA has an opportunity to build and a duty to defend the progress we’ve made. It’s a tough fight, but it’s one we can win.

-We’re small. We don’t have a multimillion-dollar budget. Your donation actually really matters to us. Even $5 or $10 makes a big difference.

-We spend your money carefully. We don’t have fancy offices or a ton of overhead; every dollar you donate goes directly to the cause.

Thank you so much for your consideration. We couldn’t do this without you.

Shira Goodman