Have you heard about the NRA “Outdoors” Show taking place at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg? The “show” will showcase, among other things, assault style weapons, including the very type that was used in the Sandy Hook shooting. In fact, the debate over selling that exact weapon led to this show being cancelled last year and taken over by the NRA this year.

Coverage of the event has highlighted the NRA’s claims that this show is a victory for gun rights.  My reaction: If they need a spectacle like this — where they create a venue for favored gun sellers — then we really are winning.

As they try to find motivation in showcasing military style weapons, trying to block laws that require criminal background checks and arguing school shootings shouldn’t be a catalyst for changing our gun laws, we’re doing the real work that will bring change.  And this is driving them crazy.

Because we’re not playing by their rules. We don’t need to go protest at their party. Instead, we’re busy growing our movement, enlisting our neighbors, talking to our legislators, making progress.

They thought this party would celebrate our decision to give up the fight. But they completely miscalculated.  We’re growing stronger every day, and this has them worried.

You know what keeps us going? Our determination to stop the next Sandy Hook, to keep guns out of criminals hands, to make sure we can safely go to church, to school, to the movies — simply put, to build a safer Pennsylvania.

I want to thank you for all the work you do, your hard work keeps me going.