In a satirical column for The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Eric Heyl praises legislators’ push to add a firearm to our list of state emblems: the Pennsylvania long rifle. What were we thinking, expecting lawmakers to address issues like the budget, gutted public schools in Philadelphia, or gun violence?

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“Promptly returning from the Memorial Day holiday a mere week after Memorial Day, lawmakers could have taken up trifling matters such as the state’s projected $1.2 billion deficit. To their credit, legislators didn’t worry about the shortfall, which they have all the time in the world to remedy — provided you consider the July 1 state budget deadline all the time in the world.

Instead, they voted 157-39 to approve an amendment making the Pennsylvania long rifle the official state firearm. Support was bipartisan among Western Pennsylvania lawmakers, with both Republican Majority Leader Mike Turzai of Bradford Woods and Democratic Minority Leader Frank Dermody of Oakmont voting for the measure,” writes Heyl.