So, another election day is over.  In Pennsylvania, we didn’t yet get the chance to vote for state or federal legislators — that will happen next year.  And the question is, what will those elections be about?

We have the opportunity to make commonsense gun laws a big part of the 2014 dialogue.  It should be a defining issue. But to do that, we need to make sure that our elected officials — and those who want to be our elected officials — are talking about it.  And that means we have to keep talking about it, and writing about it, and calling about it.

Officials are very content to keep quiet on this issue and hope we’ll give up and go away. We have to show them there’s no chance of that happening.

Join us in making clear that you have no intention of quieting down.  Share this image or this status: “I won’t keep quiet about commonsense gun laws” on Facebook or Twitter.

Together, we are an incredible force that will succeed.  We just need to keep making ourselves heard.