I’ve never liked bullies. Even with kids on the playground, I’ve always found their behavior inexcusable. But you know what’s worse? When adults use bullying to try to silence our voices and hijack the legislative process.

Recently, our opponents have been trying to bully and intimidate us. They’ve come to our events, harassed our volunteers, and called us names on social media. And then a couple of far-right wing gun bullies barged into CeaseFirePA’s offices and tried to intimidate our staff, and we had to call the police when they wouldn’t leave.

We’re not going to let them succeed in intimidating our hard-working staff and volunteers, or any Pennsylvanian who is taking a stand against gun violence. That’s why we’re starting the Beat Back the Bullies Fund.

A generous donor has agreed to match up to $5,000 in contributions so we can continue to work to protect our communities from gun violence. Can you contribute $25, $50, $100 or $250 and help us Beat Back the Bullies?

I hate asking you for money. But these bullies are trying to silence us. We need the resources to continue our important work.

Can you contribute $25, $50, $100 or $250 right now and have it doubled by our generous donor?

Can you imagine what kind of message it would send if these bullies came to our offices and events, and then we went silent? That’s their goal, but you can help stop them today.

Thank you.