We have a gun violence problem in America. We all know it. In the last month, we’ve seen mass shootings in a church, at military recruiting centers, at a movie theater, and in homes. This is in addition to the daily toll of gun violence in our cities — this week in one night, three people were shot and killed in Philadelphia. Every day, the news makes clear what we already know — we have a widespread and indiscriminate problem.

We need to stand up and take action. It cannot remain acceptable for elected officials to make speeches and eulogies and do nothing to bring about meaningful change. We put a man on the moon, we sent a rocket to Pluto. But this isn’t rocket science — we know what must be done. We just must have the will to do it and to make sure that those who would speak for us and act for us in Harrisburg and D.C. will do it.

Please join us in Taking a Stand Against Gun Violence.