Today, Vice President Joe Biden is set to announce a progress report disclosing the administration’s progress on 21 of the 23 executive actions to reduce gun violence. The President announced these actions in January in response to the Newtown massacre. This will be the first event at the White House to focus on gun violence since the Senate rejected expanded background checks in April. Since these 23 executive actions were announced, Attorney General Eric Holder formed a gun crime enforcement working group and launched a “comprehensive review” on existing gun laws, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives published a letter with guidance on how to process already required background checks and the Justice Department proposed a rule that would give local law enforcement the ability to run a federal background check before returning a seized gun. Once Todd Jones is confirmed as the ATF director and Health and Human Services regulations on mental health benefits are finalized, all 23 executive actions will have been completed.

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