A Quinnipiac University poll released last Wednesday reveals overwhelming support for background checks on all firearms purchases in the United States (read the poll release summary on the University website here).

According to the poll, just under 90% of Americans support background checks for any gun purchase in the United States. This figure has remained consistent with other Quinnipiac University polls conducted in the months following the Sandy Hook massacre last year.

The poll has also revealed that 88% of voters in gun-owning households support background checks. This should come as no surprise due to the fact that law-abiding gun owners would have no fear of being burdened due to required background checks.

A more balanced result shows that 54% of voters generally support stricter gun control laws compared to the 41% who oppose them. On the contrary, 56% of voters in gun-owning households oppose stricter gun control laws with the minority opposition making up 40%.

Despite the overwhelming support for universal background checks, the poll indicated that 61% of voters do not believe stricter gun laws would have prevented the Washington Navy Yard shootings last month.

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