Pennsylvania State Trooper Michael Trotta suffered from four gun shot wounds during a shootout between him and 49-year-old David Rickler on Saturday evening.  Responding to a hit-and-run in West Handover Township, the state trooper pursued Rickler, who not only refused to cooperate but also subsequently opened fire on the state trooper.Rickler also sustained a gunshot during the shootout and both men are currently in stable condition.  During a search of the house, two additional handguns were found.

Police officers also exchanged fire with a gunman in Chester City at about 3:30 AM on Monday morning, in which another police officer was shot.  Responding to a domestic dispute call, the police arrived at the scene and knocked on the front door.  Receiving no response, the policeman were ready to leave when the gunman suddenly appeared at the rear of the house and began to shoot at the policemen, thus instigating an exchange of fire.   A police officer and the gunman were injured and taken to the hospital.  While the policeman is recovering, the gunman has been declared dead.  It is reported that the gunman’s criminal record was extensive, which included a recent violation of a protective abuse order and weapons violation.