1. We know how hard you’ve been working to fight the punish towns/special standing bill. Your representatives, senators and the Governor know it too. That’s why they were forced to add extra session days, manipulate procedural rules and resort to unconstitutional measures to finally pass HB 80. As we expected, yesterday Governor Corbett signed it into law. But before he did, he heard from you! You can be sure of that.  But he still went to a sportsmen’s club in Washington Township and stood with gun lobbyists who made this bill their top priority. Now you know where our communities’ safety stands on his agenda.  If you want to know how your own representative and senator voted, visit this page.
  1. Election Day is less than a week away! Have you made it clear to the people who want to represent you in Harrisburg and D.C. how important gun violence prevention is to you? They’ll be knocking doors over the next few days, so ask them how they plan to make us safer: will they support expanded background checks; will they support mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns; will they put your family above the gun lobby?
  1. What can you do right now to make a difference?  Let your friends and colleagues know how much this matters. Share the information about HB 80 and encourage your connections online and offline to make gun violence prevention a priority on Election Day. Share our updates on Facebook, retweet us, and, if you can, donate to support our work. Your funds help us reach more folks in Pennsylvania with critical information and help us amplify the voices calling for change — through mail, email alerts, phone calling programs and telephone townhalls. These all cost money, and your support helps us do more and reach more people.
Thanks for all you do.