One year after starting The Gun Report, Joe Nocera and Jennifer Mascia are still surprised by the staggering number of gun injuries and deaths in this country that occur every day.

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Accidents involving young children are particularly distressing because they seem so preventable—gun owners just need to lock their unloaded firearms away. One pro-gun reader commented that reading “about the death toll, especially to children” in The Gun Report convinced him that some regulation is necessary. He now believes gun owners should be licensed and “should have to learn how to store guns safely.”

The fact is, having a gun in the house does not make one safer, no matter how much the NRA wishes it were true. Nocera and Mascia have received several complaints from Second Amendment advocates saying they rarely published entries showing how guns were used to prevent a crime.

According to Nocera, “the reason was not that we were biased against crime prevention; it was that it didn’t happen very often. (When we found such examples, we put them in The Gun Report.) He also found that many gun rights advocates who post comments dismiss inner-city violence as a tragedy of demographics. But that shouldn’t make it any less sad or preventable.

What people need to understand is this: “Guns make killing way too easy.”

And we should do something about it.