An opinion piece from The Daily Item expresses disgust with Pennsylvania’s Republican Party for kowtowing to the NRA—and for portraying Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf, who has commonsense views of gun laws, as an extremist who “wants to take away your gun rights.”

In his response to a survey on gun policy conducted by CeaseFirePennsylvania, Wolf said, “Pennsylvania has a long history of responsible gun ownership and hunting…I support the Second Amendment and the right of law abiding Pennsylvanians to own guns, but I also think we need to adopt commonsense gun laws to protect our children and keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

Governor Tom Corbett did not respond to the survey.

But does that mean he wants to take away gun rights? Actually, he “’opposes national reciprocity for concealed carry permits, limiting your ability to carry concealed and protect yourself in other states.’ The GOP […] wants a federal law that compels all states to honor the whims of the most gun-happy legislature in the country,” writes Lewisburg’s Larry Lawson. So who’s more sensible: the GOP or Wolf?

“I am both a gun owner and a hunter, but not the least bit worried that Tom Wolf will take away my gun rights. I do worry, however, that the Republican Party continues to display such a low opinion of the intelligence of Pennsylvania voters.”

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