Did you see that crazy NRA video — the one where they imagine an America where everyone has a gun — they would even make kids pass a gun class to advance to the next grade. That’s their vision of a better America. The narrator repeatedly asks “What if” things were as he imagined.

Well, What If things were as we imagine they could be: What if every gun sale required a Background Check? What if we had child access prevention laws that kept our kids safer? What if all straw purchasers and traffickers got tough sentences that sent a message that our communities take illegal guns seriously? What if mothers in our cities weren’t afraid to let their kids play outside?

Those are the questions we want answered. And our vision of a better America is very different. We want an America where we’re safe at school, at the movies, at church, on the street. We want an America where kids don’t know cousins, brothers, friends who’ve been gunned down. We want an America where pastors can stop burying the victims of gun violence. We want an America where we can live free, free from fear, free from danger.

What’s the America that you want? Over the coming weeks, we’ll be talking with you about the kind of America we all want.

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Let’s see what really happens when we ask What If?