Scott Charles, Trauma Outreach Coordinator at Temple University Hospital and director of the Cradle to Grave program, recently penned an interesting op-ed for Charles shares the story of Faheem Thomas-Childs, a 10-year old boy gunned down in front of his school ten years ago this past February. He recalls the strong emotion the tragedy stirred in the community and the city as a whole, noting that almost 8,000 marched in Faheem’s honor a few days after the shooting.


However, Charles believes that today, “We owe an apology to children who are victims of gun violence.” Charles bemoans the lack of progress since Faheem’s death and what he perceives to be apathy from those who proclaim themselves concerned about gun violence, but haven’t graduated beyond “Liking” something on Facebook.

We appreciate Charles’ concerns, but we believe that the tide is turning and that the silent majority who wants change is breaking its silence and making its voice heard. Please join us.

 The article can be found at this link.