This weekend, PA’s law enforcement community was attacked in a brutal ambush that took the life of one state trooper and put another in the hospital. In the wake of this tragedy, the PA legislators are returning from summer recess. And they’re planning to spend their limited time on the gun lobby’s agenda!

The House might vote on HB 2011, the bill that gives favored standing to gun owners and organizations of gun owners to sue towns that are trying to keep their communities safe. Even worse — leadership is hoping to push this bill through without any debate about changes that have been proposed. This isn’t how democracy works.

Please tell your Representative that you’re watching and you don’t like what you see. Harrisburg should be working to make PA safer and stronger, focusing on an agenda that puts the people first, not the gun lobby.

And while we’re asking the House to get its priorities straight, guess what the Senate is doing: its Education Committee is holding a hearing on arming teachers. Maybe they haven’t been reading the papers because during the early days of school, a professor in Idaho and an elementary school teacher in Utah each accidentally shot themselves — one in the middle of class! We’ll keep you posted and let you know if you should contact your senator.

Recess is over. Our legislators need to get focused on the real work and stop playing games.