As you know, our hard work last week led the Judiciary Committee to table the bill that would eliminate PA’s background check system. Now we have an opportunity to go on offense with our top agenda item — expanding background checks.

HB 1243, a good bill that mandates that PA share its mental health records with the National Background Check System — could be even stronger.  That’s because an amendment has been offered which would expand the PA background check system to cover the private sale of long guns.  In the simplest terms, the amendment would make HB 1010, which we have spent the past year pushing in Harrisburg, part of 1243.

We know this is confusing, but it’s how the legislative process works.  Right now, HB 1243 is scheduled for a vote on March 31.  When that happens, the legislators must first vote on the amendments that have been offered to the bill.  This is our chance to get the expanded background check language to the floor for a yes/no vote!

But, there are rumblings that some folks don’t want to see that happen. So we need to let the House leadership know that now is the time to stand up for a safer PA by holding this vote on background checks.  Please call Speaker Sam Smith and Majority Leader Mike Turzai and let them know you want them to run HB 1243 with A06142 (the Santarsiero Amendment)  on Monday March 31.


The leadership needs to hear from us: this is the chance to have our representatives take a stand for background checks. Please help us make sure this happens.