On Tuesday, a group of cyclists traveling from Newtown, Connecticut arrived in Washington, D.C. Team 26, founded by Newtown resident Monte Frank, completed the second annual Sandy Hook Ride on Washington in honor of victims of gun violence and to encourage Congress to pass “common sense” measures.

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Such measures include a ban on military-style assault weapons, universal background checks, and restrictions on gun ownership for people with severe mental illness. On the trip to D.C., Team 26 held rallies in Harlem, New York; Morristown, New Jersey; Doylestown, Pennsylvania; and Baltimore, Maryland. Of Pennsylvania Mr. Frank said:

“We’re working with Moms Demand [Action] and CeaseFirePA . . . you know, Pennsylvania is an important state to me because of the strong hunting culture in Pennsylvania. And we wanted to send a message to that state that nothing we are trying to accomplish implicates the Second Amendment or affects rights of hunters. You know, we’re not looking to infringe upon people’s ability to hunt. We’re just trying to make our country safer, and the common-sense measures that are being proposed, that are being fought for in Congress, respect the Second Amendment as it’s been interpreted by the Supreme Court and won’t impact the ability of hunters to go out and enjoy what has been enjoyed in Pennsylvania for generations.”