As you know, tomorrow is the House Judiciary Committee meeting. In just a couple days, together we’ve sent hundreds of messages to the Capitol.

Almost every House Member heard from you. Now, it’s time to talk to the Chairmen of the Committee and tell them to withdraw HB 921 and HB 2011 and get to work on policies that will make Pennsylvania safer.

Remember, HB 921 will dismantle the PA Background Check System, and HB 2011 will allow gun owners to sue towns and cities that take steps to protect their communities.

Can you call the two Chairmen and let them know we oppose these bills?

Chairman Marsico
(717) 783-2014

Chairman Caltagirone
(717) 787-3525

All we need is a simple call. Just let the office know your name, where you live and tell them you oppose these dangerous bills.