This Monday, an important blow was struck for Protect Minnesota, a gun violence prevention organization based in St. Paul. Republican Representative Tony Cornish, a notoriously staunch conservative, threw his support behind HF 3238, which would modify existing domestic violence restraining order provisions “to prohibit persons
 subject to the restraining orders from possessing weapons, and persons convicted 
of domestic violence offenses required to surrender their firearms while they 
are prohibited from possessing firearms.”

On criticism from his fellow conservatives, Cornish said, “I’m hearing it from some of the far right, strict Constitutionalists,’’ Cornish said. “I’m trying to explain to them that it may be admirable to stand in the middle of the tracks with your finger up trying to stop the train, but maybe it’s wiser to at least try to change the direction of the train.’’


An article explaining the move in more detail can be found at this link.