In a piece for The Times Herald, columnist Tom Lees, who considers Act 192’s passage “an absolutely terrible action,” asked CeaseFirePennsylvania’s executive director, Shira Goodman, to explain why the new law is detrimental to communities across the state.

Because Act 192 grants automatic standing to would-be plaintiffs and allows them to get attorneys’ fees if they win, “township commissioners and mayors have been put in the terrible position of choosing between what they did in the best interest of public safety and acting to protect the public budget. And these policies are being rescinded without any legal ruling that they actually violated preemption. The gun lobby is using Act 192 to punish towns that acted to protect their communities.”

If a city wins, it has to bear its own costs.

Concerned Pennsylvanians should contact their legislators and write letters to newspaper editors expressing their opinions. We cannot be silent about the effect Act 192 has on our communities.

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