Between Monday and Tuesday, there were three school shootings in America. At Marshall County High School in Western Kentucky, two students were killed and 18 more were wounded.

One of the victims, 15 year old Bailey Nicole Holt called her mother as she died, “She called me, and all I could hear was voices, chaos in the background,” her mother Secret Holt told the press. “She couldn’t say anything, and I tried to call her name over and over and over, and she never responded.”

And then yesterday we learned that at least one and possibly two school shootings were thwarted in Pennsylvania — by students speaking out and fast action by the schools and police.

And how do President Trump and other elected officials respond?  With thoughts and prayers, of course. Not with leadership or resolve or action to prevent this. Not with the strength to stand up and shout that we value the lives of our children more than the profits of gun manufacturers. Not with the courage to speak truth to the lies and propaganda of the NRA who tells us that guns make us safer.

We need and deserve better. Thoughts and prayers without commitment and action are meaningless. It’s time to make clear that this is not normal, and we’ve had enough.