When police received a report of gunshots at about 2:30 AM on Thursday morning, they rushed to the scene.  There, following a trail of blood to the second floor of the house, police found the body of a woman slumped against a closet.  She had been repeatedly stabbed and fatally shot in the head by her husband Keith Belajonas.

According to Delaware County Daily Times, a closer look at 32-year-old Keith Belajonas’ social media accounts reveal his affinity for porn, guns and sports.  The New York native has pictures of himself with a gun in each hand on his MySpace page and was known to often refer to African American as “savages,” and Mexicans as “beaners.”  In response to a black-on-black shooting, Keith Belajonas posted on his Facebook page “Let the savages kill each other! Don’t point out their stupidity! If they keep killing each other then they just might do my job for me lol.”  In May of 2012, Belajonas posted on his twitter “Wanna shoot someone soooooooo bad right now.”

Shooting someone is exactly what Keith Belajonas did Thursday morning when in the presence of his children, he stabbed and then fatally shot his 28-year-old wife, Christina Belajonas.  After murdering his wife, Keith Belajonas took his 5 and 4 year-old sons and fled Pennsylvania in a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder.  Belajonas drove to the CVS in Staten Island where his brother was working.  At gunpoint, he demanded that his brother give him money, beer, and cigarettes.  He fled the scene once again, however, this time he left his kids behind.  Shortly afterward, police found Belajonas in his car on a residential street with a self-inflicted gunshot in the head.  Allegedly, after shooting his wife, Keith Belajonas wrote on his Facebook page:  “We had an argument. She cheated. I won.”

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