In an opinion piece for Penn Live, CeaseFirePennsylvania’s executive director, Shira Goodman, explains why background checks are so important in preventing gun violence. Individuals with criminal records, or those who have been adjudicated incompetent or involuntarily committed, should be prohibited from buying guns. So should anybody with an active protection from abuse order. Most law-abiding gun owners and gun violence protection advocates agree, and Pennsylvania has already taken steps to ensure that guns aren’t sold to people who fall into these categories.

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To make Pennsylvania safer, gun violence prevention advocates want to “expand the background check system to cover the private sale of long guns—rifles, shotguns, and military-style semi-automatic rifles.” The vast majority of Pennsylvanians support such a measure, but the legislature won’t bring it up for a vote.

“Background checks work—two million prohibited purchases have been blocked by the national system,” says Goodman, “and thousands more by […] the Pennsylvania Instant Criminal Background Check System, which complements and builds on the national system.”

Let’s continue to work towards a safer future and ask that background checks be expanded to include the private sale of long guns.