Congress is now hard at work trying to please the gun lobby. In the process, they will make all of us less safe.

We’re talking about mandatory concealed carry reciprocity — which would require that every state recognize the concealed carry permit or license from every other state. The problem is some states have much higher standards and procedures for issuing such licenses than others do. In fact, some states don’t require licenses or permits at all. In PA, you must apply to your local sheriff (or in Philadelphia, the police commissioner) for a license, and a more detailed background check is performed. Some other states require a minimum number of hours of safety and proficiency training.

But under this proposed law, someone who couldn’t get a concealed carry license here in PA could find a way to carry a loaded, concealed firearm here.  This undermines local law enforcement and takes away the power of our officers to determine what’s best for public safety.

Make no mistake — this law is not about setting a national standard. It’s about eliminating standards and moving further down the road of guns for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Tell Senator Toomey to oppose this dangerous legislation.