Today, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education held a webinar hearing on a draft policy governing firearms on the campuses of the fourteen state member institutions.  To date, each campus has had its own policies, most of which simply ban guns on campus.  The draft policy would allow guns on campus but would bar them from “sensitive areas,” defined to include buildings, residences, activities, auditoriums, classrooms and outside classes.

CeaseFirePA and other groups, including Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and Gun Free Kids, testified or submitted testimony urging that either the member institutions be permitted to maintain their own policies banning guns or the System adopt a System-wide policy banning guns from campus.  You can read CeaseFirePA’s written submission here.

Other testifiers included representatives from the faculty members’ union and a representative of the campus student governments.  Both groups opposed the policy’s permitting guns on campus in any way.  No one testified that the right to carry firearms should be expanded to these campuses, although some written testimony to that effect was referenced.

Chancellor Frank Brogan urged that more study and dialogue was necessary, and the hearing seemed to convince the Task Force to agree.  It was announced at the close of the hearing that it will be recommended that PASSHE delay the vote (planned for late January) on the draft policy and engage in more research and study.

Make your voice heard. Tell PASSHE not to let guns on our college and university campuses.  You can weigh in by sending an email here: