It’s hard to get gun silencers. Bad guys rarely use them except in the movies. You know why? It’s because sales of  silencers have been regulated since the 1930s. Hunters and sportsmen who want them can get them — in fact 1.3 million have been registered and sold under the existing regulations. But now, in a bid to help the NRA and gun manufacturers boost profits with sales of “must have accessories,” Congress is poised to roll back those regulations and make it very easy to buy a silencer. In fact, in PA, people would be able to buy silencers in private sales without a background check!

This makes no sense. Silencers disguise the sound of gunfire and mask muzzle flash. They make it difficult for people – including law enforcement officers – to recognize and locate an active shooter. Why would we want to make it easier for those who want to do harm to do so undetected?

Tell Congress that this is reckless legislation designed to help raise profits for gun manufacturers. Tell them to vote No on the Share Act, H.R. 3668.