CeaseFire Pennsylvania the advocacy arm of CeaseFirePA sent candidate questionnaires to all candidates competing in 5/15 Primary.  These questionnaires were only sent to individuals in competitive primaries and an alternative round of questionnaires will be sent after the primaries for the general.  Here, you can find the questionnaire to see what was asked.  Below, are the names of the candidates, the district in which they are running, and their scores.  If you are a candidate who has a competitve primary and have not recieved a questionnaire please email: ceasefire_pennsylvania@ceasefirepa.org


Tim Kearney SD26 100%
Tanner Rouse SD26 100%
Stephanie Walsh S38 100%
Lindsey Williams S38 95%


Steve Malagarni           HD53     100%
Alex Deering                 HD181   100%
Jeffrey McFall               H167     100%
Aerion Abney                H19       100%
Maggie Borski              HD177   100%
Cathy Spahr                  HD160  100%
Josh Maxwell                HD74    100%
Sara Innamorato         HD21     100%
Jill Linta                        HD166   100%
Josh Fultz                     HD82      20%
Joe Webster                 H150      100%
Paul Costa                    HD34     100%
Jacob Pavlecic             HD30     100%
Danielle Friel Otten   HD155    100%
John McCabe              HD54      100%
Michael Devine          HD20      100%
Jay Breneman            HD2        100%
Anton Andrew           HD160    100%