In South Philadelphia yesterday, a group of law enforcement and elected officials called for a mandatory two-year sentence for people convicted of illegally carrying a firearm. On the first of the month, three-year-old Tynirah Borum was getting her hair braided on an Etting Street porch when she was fatally shot.

“If there had been a two-year mandatory minimum for people convicted of unlawfully possessing a gun, Ruffin would have been in custody Aug. 1 and Tynirah would be alive, officials said,” writes Julie Shaw.

CeaseFirePennsylvania supports such measures.


Republican State Rep. John R. Taylor, and Democratic State Sen. Larry Farnese, both of Philadelphia, have sponsored bills calling for the two-year mandatory minimum. The House bill has passed the judiciary committee. District Attorney Seth Williams said that because New York City “had the political will to reduce the gun violence there,” it imposed a three-and-a-half year mandatory minimum sentence for unlawful carriers of guns, which, in addition to other reasons, brought the city’s gun homicide total below Philadelphia’s last year.