The coroner in Northern Virginia has ruled Jim Brady’s death a homicide—thirty-three years after the shooting that left him permanently impaired. Mr. Brady’s activism led to the passage of the Brady Law, which required background checks and waiting periods for handgun buyers, in 1993.

Most prosecutors doubt that John Hinckley, who was found not guilty of his crimes by reason of insanity in 1982, will be tried for murder; they say too much time has elapsed to prove direct causation.

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“In Philadelphia and elsewhere, we give the most attention to the victims of homicide, mourning their deaths and sermonizing about their lives,” states the Philadelphia Daily News in its editorial.

“We pay less attention to shooting victims who survive. There is not the finality of a funeral for them. They live on – often in pain and misery – for years, even decades. Even if the wounds are minor, the scars are deep. The trauma lasts.”