In a letter to the editor published in yesterday’s New York Times, Dan Gross (President of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence) and James M. Perrin (President of the American Academy of Pediatrics) responded to last week’s NYT article regarding the prevalence of accidental gun incidents involving children. CeasfirePA reviewed the article here.

Gross and Perrin present a clear-cut answer to what many experts have diagnosed as a growing and dangerous issue. “There is a simple solution that can help reduce the number of children killed in unintentional shootings each year,” they write. “Parents and caregivers can ask each other if there are unsecured guns where children visit or play.”

Their respective organizations have joined forces to create the ASK Campaign—‘Asking Saves Kids.’ The campaign’s mission is simple: to get all parents and caregivers to ask if there are guns in the homes where our children play, and whether those firearms are secured and unloaded.  As Gross and Perrin explain, “It’s a question that can save a child’s life.”

Read their full letter here.