This afternoon the PA Senate passed SB501.  This bill is a vital step in the fight against intimate partner violence and domestic abuse.  Now, this bill will move to the PA House.  Please call your State Representative and urge them to support this bill.

A bit about SB501:

In PA, half of the yearly deaths committed by intimate partners involved a firearm. Moreover, experts cite the first 48 hours following issuance of a Protection from Abuse order as the most lethal. SB 501 not only shortens the amount of time an individual with an active, final Protection from Abuse order has to relinquish their guns, but also–for the first time ever–mandates that every final protection from abuse order must require that abusers relinquish their guns.

Under current law, abusers have two months to turn in their guns and need only give them to any third party outside of their home–that could be a best friend or relative. If passed, SB 501 would shorten that time to two days and require that the firearms are either turned over to the police or to a licensed firearms dealer.