The National Rifle Association continues to ignore important data in an attempt to promote its monstrously false “more guns means more safety” narrative, writes The Huffington Post‘s Mike Weisser. One study, which examined patients admitted to a Level 1 trauma center in Newark with gunshot wounds from 2000-2011, demonstrated that the number of patients “didn’t significantly change, notwithstanding the alleged drop in gun violence everywhere else, and the severity of the wounds substantially increased. Despite the fact that Level 1 trauma centers utilize the most advanced life-saving skills imaginable, the mortality rate from gunshot wounds climbed from 9% to 14%, the number of spinal cord and brain injuries nearly doubled, and the incidence of multiple bullet wounds increased from 10% to nearly 25%.”

Furthermore, the national trend for gunshot wounds is about the same as it is in Newark. The decline in gun violence that the NRA is citing to support its argument occurred between 1993 and 2002. Since 2002, the gun violence rate, including deaths and injuries, has stabilized or increased slightly. This is exactly what was reported by the medical team at University Hospital in Newark, and the severity and cost of gunshot injuries continues to go up.

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“Meanwhile, for all the talk about good guys with guns protecting us from bad guys with guns, the ‘decrease’ in gun violence ended in 2002, while the number of states that now issue CCW has roughly doubled since 2002. The NRA’s notion that we are a much safer country now that residents of every state can apply for CCW falls flat on its face, even when we look at the data that the NRA uses to prove its own case,” adds Weisser.