In his column in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Stu Bykofsky highlights America’s growing desire for gun law reform and the fact that the NRA may not have the majority of their members’ best interests in mind when lobbying against background checks (read the full article here).

Bykofsky states that, despite being a gun owner, “I am not a member – the NRA doesn’t represent me or most of my pistol-packing pals. Some of my NRA friends say it doesn’t represent them, either, on background checks.”

Although it is fairly opinionated, the column features objective data from multiple sources supporting the fact that the NRA may not represent the beliefs of the United States gun owning community or even the majority of their members. For example, a poll by Frank Luntz reported that 74 percent of current and former NRA members favor background checks. In spite of this, Obama’s attempts to strengthen the federal background check system and other gun violence prevention laws were thwarted when faced with strong NRA opposition earlier this year.

An even more surprising statistic, Bykofsky claims, is that a poll by the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California, Davis showed over 55 percent of licensed firearms dealers also support strict background checks. This is particularly revealing because, besides convicted felons and the mentally ill, licensed firearms dealers would be the most “burdened” by background checks.

Bykofsky then goes on to reveal a bullet-point list of his recommendations to curb the risk of gun violence in America which includes mandatory instant background checks for any gun sale, stricter sentences for straw purchases and illegal possession, and a limit of one gun purchase per month per legal purchaser.

Feel free to join in on the debate by contacting Bykofsky directly (his contact info is at the bottom of the article) or on the CeaseFirePA Facebook page.