A new report by Everytown for Gun Safety and the Major Cities Chiefs Association shows that firearms killed 25 law enforcement officers in 2013. At least 13 of these incidents were committed by individuals prohibited by state or federal law from purchasing or possessing firearms.

This report was conducted with findings from both FBI databases and press reports.

Law enforcement officers are constantly threatened by gun violence—the number of officers killed with firearms has risen 77 percent since 2013. While no single policy will eradicate this threat, reducing the flow of guns into criminal hands through strong gun laws can significantly reduce this threat. Current loopholes in gun laws allow the steady flow of guns into prohibited hands, whether because a state level finding (such as a mental illness diagnosis) was not reported to the national database (NICS) or weaker state gun laws allowed a gun to be purchased and then transported to another state.

In order to better protect those who stand at the front lines of our communities, background checks must be expanded to cover all gun sales, including those online.

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