Over the course of a six-month period in 2014, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) analyzed news reports to better understand the effects and trends of murder-suicides in the United States. The VPC observed that 282 murder-suicides were committed over the course of that period. Of the 282 murder-suicides, 93% included a firearm, and 72% included an intimate partner of the shooter as a victim.  These partners were usually a wife or girlfriend of the (often male) shooter. 81% of the murder-suicides were carried out at home.

Murder-suicide is a serious phenomenon in the US that not only affects the shooter, but also family members, friends, and co-workers who fall victim to the shooter’s aggression. While the VPC study counted a total of 282 murder-suicides, but the total number of deaths during that period were 617. This statistic demonstrates that suicide, especially suicide by firearm, is an act that can affect more than one person.