A federal judge declared this past Saturday that Washington D.C.’s ban on carrying handguns in public is unconstitutional. Here’s the rationale of the plaintiffs: D.C. is a safer city if more of its residents are allowed to carry concealed weapons.

But increasingly, scientific research of violent crime debunks the gun lobby’s favorite argument that “more guns” equals “less crime.” In fact, as Emily Badger explained in yesterday’s Washington Post, quite the opposite is true. She cites, in particular, a joint study of each state conducted by professors at Stanford University and Johns Hopkins University, which concluded that, “aggravated assault rises when [right-to-carry] laws are adopted.”

“In other words, let more people carry concealed guns, and assaults go up,” Badger writes. “Put more guns in circulation, and more bad things are bound to happen.”

D.C. officials are aware of this commonsense conclusion that multiple studies have reached and they know that the city will face more crime in the wake of this ruling–which is why they’re already fighting to repeal it.

Read Badger’s full article in the Washington Post here.