A letter to the editor published in The Bucks County Courier Times urges action against NRA bullying, reminding readers that the organization has much to gain from Pennsylvania’s dangerous new state law, which “which gives third parties the right to sue any municipality that chooses to not follow […] a mandate that allows minors to possess guns, and allows not only carrying, but discharging, of guns in the city and in parks. [The law] does not include a mandate for reporting lost or stolen guns, and does NOT prohibit the sale or display of guns while the city is under a state of emergency,” writes Sue Busch of Newtown.

“Citizens of a municipality should be allowed to decide whether they want to allow guns in their public spaces. After all, how do you tell the ‘good guy with a gun’ from the bad one? Answer: you can’t […] More guns means more shootings [and] more senseless deaths.”

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