A letter from Gloria McVeigh, a resident of Lower Saucon Township, describes in detail what happened when she and several others arrived at state Rep. Justin Simmons’s office to discuss HB 1010, which would close the loophole in the background check system that exempts the private sale of long guns, and SB 1193, which would enable teachers, administrators, and staff to carry concealed weapons.

“Our group of six included five retired educators, several of whom wanted to offer insights from personal experience on why guns in classrooms are a bad idea.”

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Instead of meeting with them, Simmons demanded that they leave and threatened to call the police if they did not. McVeigh writes:

“The woman who met us was obviously surprised when more than one person arrived for the appointment. After Simmons’ outburst, one of our group met with him while the rest of us waited outside on the sidewalk in 25-degree weather […] While in [his] office, our friend counted five guest chairs.” Gloria closes her letter with a very good question: “Don’t even constituents who honestly disagree on the issues deserve basic, common, human courtesy from our representative?”